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About Lucas

How a 10 year-old-boy had a dream of changing the world with one pen pal at a time.

Lucas' Letters started with one autistic boy connecting to another autistic boy across Canada through a simple letter. Both boys felt it was difficult to make friends, and the letter became a vehicle to connect them to each other and make them feel part of a bigger community.  This is where Lucas' Letters was born! 

Lucas has written and received hundreds of letters and has made connections with children across Canadian and as far away as London, England. Each time a letter arrives in the mail box, Lucas learns about new places around the world, and most importantly, he remembers that he is not alone.

Lucas' Letters has expanded its vision and now connects children of all abilities to each other across the world. This pen pal program is open to any child who wishes to participate! Once you sign up you will be "Pen-Pal Matched", and receive a Welcome Package in the mail.  The next step?  Time to get out your pencils and get to know your new friend!

Lucas' Letters dreams of making every child feel loved, important, and part of a larger community.

Because as Lucas says, "Every child needs a friend."

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